New TestPilot Forum on Reddit

New forum can be found here

AVSIM’s Tom Allensworth has censored the TestPilot initiative, by unilaterally removing the TestPilot Forum, and actively prohibiting any further discussion on AVSIM thru direct acts of deleting posts and locking threads.

When confronted with these actions, Tom Allensworth had the following to say.

Tom Allensworth
AVSIM Publisher
Root Admin
Local time: 04:36 AM
Location:Charlottesville, Virginia USA
Interests:AVSIM, of course!
Sent 15 April 2012 – 04:21 PM
jmangan, on 15 April 2012 – 04:09 PM, said:

>>We are not going to let the FSX forum become a replacement or a platform for TestPilot. I am going to shut this down, and encourage everyone to go to the TestPilot forum >>(where ever it may be) and discuss that topic there.

Where is your journalistic integrity?

Please help me to understand how this is not clearly a case of censorship on your part?

You have yet again cut off a productive discussion, which threatens nothing.

This is not a government forum. There is no such thing as censorship here, as you know and agreed to when you joined these forums. Go find a forum elsewhere and post to your heart’s content. Point to a forum that I can refer our readers to, and I will be happy to provide them a link…
Tom Allensworth
Publisher, CEO, AVSIM Online

To which I replied:

Government censorship is not the only form. Ever heard of “news media censorship”?
Blogs and forums are considered to be “news media”, and are accredited as such when they exceed 100 members.

Also, AVSIM is accessible from the European Union, bringing it under EU jurisdiction.

Why are you choosing to act this way?

You are denying people with access to information.

That is the definition of censorship plain and simple.

Please point people to this link.

Thanks again for everything good you did for me in the past.

I am still grateful to you for this period of time!


Tom has failed to post the information which was provided to him immediately upon reciept.

AVSIM should now be avoided if you wish to show your displeasure with the ever increasing censorship which has recently been taking place.

Instead, let’s together build a new free and open community, to replace AVSIM.

The new forum can be found at Reddit as a Sub-Reddit.

I look forward to starting this new epic journey together, committed to bringing about a “new era” of free and open collaborative participatory exploration, thereby “making obsolete” the current era of tyranny by censors and monopolists.

GNU Aerospace, the Free World Citizen’s Air and Space Program

Joseph Mangan


Welcome to the GNUAerospace TestPilot subreddit

Welcome to the Free World Citizen’s Air and Space Program.

I personally invite you to become an active citizen, and play an integral part in this revolution to fundamentally change the world of flight simulation, in the establishment of an sustainable, free and open source, flight simulation platform. To revolutionize flight training, and to engage in the testing of advanced aerospace technologies and vehicles which this initiative shall make possible.

Freedom with responsibility and mutual respect:

We hold Freedom to be the highest of values, and recognize that with freedom comes equal responsibility, not to allow our acts to infringe the rights or freedoms of others.

Personal attacks SHALL NOT be tolerated, and shall be responded to with a warning. A second attack SHALL result in banishment from the forum.


Postings in emails, blogs, and forums have launched many a conflict and controversy, where a person wrote on a subject with the “very best of intentions”, and their intentions were mis-interpreted. Be slow to anger, and never assume that what you have read was intended for harm. Test the poster’s intent thru dialog first.

We practice CITOKATE “Criticism Is The Only Known Antidote To Error” as a core principle.

Dr. David Brin, a famous science fiction author, is the originator of the term CITOKATE, and of the idea of the “Disputation Arena”

Dr. Brin invented the Holocene chat which is a patented computer program to automate the process of Disputation Arenas.

Sadly a web based manifestation of this concept does not yet exist, however we seek to replicate the ideals thru a manual process and leveraging the features available made possible through this forum.

Conflict, argument and debate are normal to the process of advancement of societies and technologies, and are key to cooperative and competitive working relationships. These are only productive when all of the participants are aligned to a common cause, embracing of constructive criticism, and always acting with the best of intentions.

To insure that they do not become personal and destructive, the following serve as guidelines and background information

The community must hold ALL of it’s participants accountable to these principles, and identify any speech which violates constructive practices identified within. It is expected that any logical fallacies in postings shall be identified and the offending speech edited by the originator. Especially the moderators comments.

Human beings are highly skilled at finding patterns in observations and interactions with others. Our brains assign probabilities based on past experience, to interpret the world in which we operate. Often, our brains assign a high probability pattern match to an observation or interaction which is entirely false, and where a simpler pattern is a better match (occams razor).

We all operate with these highly flawed “false perceptions of reality” of others and most especially of ourselves, which serve as the framework of our own perceived reality. Throughout all of human history, the greatest tragedies and atrocities were carried out by people serving what they perceived to be service to the “highest of ideals” and with “the very best of intentions”.

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard Feynman

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.” – Richard Feynman

You are your own worst enemy. It’s a well established fact. Self and mass delusion is the single greatest threat to human progress. Tragic mistakes are nearly all the direct result of self delusion. From the fatally flawed decisions of NASA management culture (normalization of deviance) as “common cause” for the destruction of both Space Shuttle’s Challenger and Columbia (exposed by Richard Feynman, Roger Boisjoly, Diane Vaughan), and the well publicized failures of markets, economies, banks, businesses, and governments both large and small.

The “wisdom of the crowd” many times is often greater that the “wisdom of the elites”. It is the isolated “delusional elites” in management, government, and education, shielded from criticism, and free of accountability which bring about widespread suffering and loss of life. Delusion leading to the destruction of wealth, careers, property, and even life itself is not punishable as a crime, as there is no established clear and knowing intent to defraud or to cause harm. “Delusion of the Crowd” (tragedy of the commons) is a key enabler to bring about widespread destruction in the submissive following of the edicts and established cultural norms of an isolated and delusional elite.

Nearly all evil is the result of an “unchallenged elite” operating with the “best of intentions” and believing it is serving a “noble cause” backed by a majority of submissive followers.

Embracing constructive criticism, holds us personally accountable to maintain a more accurate “model of truth” and “model of reality” which results in more successful cooperative and creative encounters, personal engagements, and better and more rationally formed decisions.

As an aid to healthy debate and argumentation, please use the “reputation voting” feature (lower right hand corner of postings) to up or down vote a forum posting which you believe to violate the principles of CITOKATE. State in a following posting in the same thread, a reference to the poster, a copy of the speech at issue, and that you took the action to upvote/downvote, and the reasons for doing so. Any speech committing a “logical fallacy” is especially to be challenged by any forum member, so that we may all operate in the light of truth and knowledge.


As free world citizens, we accept the fact that there is “No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” as famously stated by Robert Heinlein and Milton Friedman. We must all take an active role, and shoulder the responsibility and burdens together, to bring about the primary goal of this effort, the establishment of an sustainable, free and open source, flight simulation platform. Freedom to tinker, to learn, to create, to build, to share, to teach are our shared core values.

The process is invisioned to be very reminiscent of the community “Barn Raisings” in early American history.

Trust with Transparency:

We believe in “radical transparency”, meaning “no secrets”, no private side discussions, and no NDAs!

Many forums require users to sign their posts with their real names, as this tends to reduce the amount of trollish behavior of people hiding behind an anonymous pseudonym. In the spirit of transparency, we also require all postings to be signed, and will provide a warning, and then delete any further posts not in compliance with the rules. Anyone observing a violation of this rule is asked to use the “reputation voting” feature to down mod the offender.

Coanda Aerospace Software pledges to make all activities, discussions, proposals related to GNU Aerospace TestPilot, transparent.

Any commercial activities in which Coanda engages with 3rd parties shall be fully disclosed, and any financial proceeds shall be 100% reinvested in the development of TestPilot.

Key principles and practices, as well as detailed subtopics of TestPilot shall be “pinned”, and ultimately become separate subtopics in the future.

Please see the Coanda Aerospace Software GmbH blog, where you shall find a copy of the press release of this initiative.

I look forward to this new and exciting partnership and the shared experiences we will have on the journey.

Greetings and very best regards!

Joseph Mangan

Coanda Aerospace Software GmbH

Vienna, Austria